Frequently Asked Questions:  

Why hire a professional real estate photographer?

There are many different genres of photography and there is no rule that says you can’t be good at several. However, in this age of specialization each genre demands a great commitment to achieve excellence. Choose someone with the knowledge and experience to get images that will stand out in quality.  

For owners it’s about selling the house quickly and for the most money. For Realtors it is also important to use the marketing from their current listings to attract future clients. 

Which homes are good candidates for having a pro photographers services?

The easy answer is ALL of them. For a high end expensive home you can’t compete on line without great photos. However, the real opportunity lies with the less expensive homes. Many realtors don’t use a pro photographer when the price point is below a certain level. Here professional grade photos will really make the listing stand out. 

How many photos are appropriate for selling a house?

There really is a “sweet spot” for a listing’s total number of photos. It has been my experience (and various studies agree) that for the average house somewhere between 12 and 20 photos is ideal. At that level we will only be showing the best and most attractive parts of the house so that perspective buyers will not have to wade through a bunch of unattractive photos (laundry room, garages, closets etc). We want to leave them wanting more and to get more they will need to tour the property. They can check out the garage storage cabinets while they are there.  Having said all of that, if you want 35 photos to cover a large property then I will give you 35.   

How long will the shoot last?

It depends on the size and complexity of the property. Leave anywhere from one and a half to three hours for the actual shooting. I will then process the photos at my office, and for the average house, have the photos to you within 24 hours. 

What does a real estate photographer do that other photographers don’t?

We know what it takes to make interiors and architecture appealing in a photograph. Composition, lighting, window brightness and color correction all play an important part. Some photographic principles are universal but, some need to be perfected within the genre, including real estate. It takes years of learning and experience to become excellent at shooting portraits, weddings or landscapes. The same is true for real estate.  

How important is staging in getting good photos?

A photo of a room can only be as effective as the space allows. Frankly, a mediocre photo of a well designed room is of greater value than an excellent photo of a cluttered and poorly styled room. When the quality of both the interior design and the photography is high, then the effect is dramatic and will give you a huge advantage in Tucson’s competitive market. My advice would be to hire a professional stager to help you get your house ready to show.  Like photography, it's an investment.  

Is there any kind of a guideline for helping a homeowner or realtor to prepare for a photo shoot?

Absolutely. Outside of hiring a professional stager there are some common sense preparations that can be taken to get your home “photo ready”.  

What do you charge for this service?

My base rate is $150. This will cover anything from a condo up to and average sized house. Larger or higher end homes will typically range from $300 to $600 depending on the situation. 

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